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Caldera Group’s commitment to protecting the environment is a top priority in its daily business activities. A sound green policy is therefore applied, consisting of the following:

Water saving

  • flow restrictors installed on taps in all rooms
  • drip irrigation system used in the hotel gardens
  • less water-demanding plants selected
  • tap, pipe etc leakages systematically reported
  • housekeeping service provided only partially on Sundays

Energy saving

  • LED lights installed in all rooms
  • fluorescent lamps installed in all backyards
  • motion detectors used in public WCs
  • room key cards turning off the lights upon leaving the room
  • natural lighting of the lobby and the main restaurant
  • sensors deactivating A/C upon opening the balcony door in the room
  • preset A/C in the guest rooms only operating at ambient temperatures over 22C

Rapid reduction in plastic consumption
Since 2018, we have said ”NO” to plastic straws, encouraging our guests to use pasta straws instead, or no straw at all, which led to a plastic straw usage reduction in our hotels ranging from 32% to 68% in the period between 2018 and June 2019.

In Caldera Beach hotel, a more “aggressive” no-plastics policy was applied through the exclusive usage of paper straws, paper plates, paper cups and paper salad bowls, which led to a massive 74% reduction in plastic kitchen utensils in the period between 2018 and June 2019.

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